From simple cut editing to robust post-production, we have high quality post production services.

Digital Egg established in November 1992 as a group company of DENTSU.
Our company, is a post-production company that handles finish work after the shooting process in film production.
We have many accomplishments in the field of TV commercials and you can see our works on TV everyday.
It's a great honor to win the Grand Prix of JPPA award which has been organized by Japan Post Production Association, and many other AD awards. We are the leading company of Post-production business.

We have 6 rooms for offline editing, 2 rooms for color grading, 8 rooms for online editing and 3 rooms for video sweetening.

Facilities : “Autodesk flame” for online editing, “DaVinci Resolve” for color grading、”AVID Media Composer” ”Final Cut Pro” “Adobe Premiere” for offline editing, “AVID ProTools” “Steinberg Nuendo” as DAW, and “SSL C300”, “ProTools S6” as console for video sweetening. We operate with global standard technical facilities.

We will support your creative process with high performance equipment. We are looking forward to work with you.

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We have two offices with 26 editing rooms located in Hiroo, Shibuya. There are 14 online editing rooms, 6 offline editing rooms, 2 color grading rooms, and 4 MA rooms. This is one of the largest scale commercial post-production facilities in Japan. It is highly regarded as a representation of creative talent in Japan, with an office design that inspires creativity and a highly technically skilled staff.

In 2015 the Digital Shooting Div. was created based on DIT/DM. The system was made to create an efficient and consistent digital work flow that encompasses all aspects of a project including shooting, post-production, completion, and delivery.

We also do other unique work, namely working in cooperation with post-production companies such as CO3 and MPC, as well as incorporating talented staff from abroad with experience in a filming culture that differs from that in Japan.

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