ShimaneTsuwano Tonomachi street


When entering the Tsuwano inn called "Sanin no Sho Kyoto" from Masuda, the old town passes through the town and the townscape leaving the castle town remains. San-in road which was one of the five aircraft is a highway which passes Hyogo, Tottori, Shimane starting from Kyoto · Tanba entrance, merges with Sanyo road in Ogori. In particular, "Tonomachi Street" where carp fence and carp swimming in excavation tell the old taste to now, many tourists visit in the area symbolizing Tsuwano. Tsuwano clan Go through the Ooka Oyumon gate, which is the gate of the Ooka family who inherited Karo(chief retainer) after age, the town office appears.

Tsuwano Tonomachi street, Shimane

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