KagawaMegi Island (Onigashima cave)


The Megishima Island is an island floating in the offshore area of about 4 km from Takamatsu City, famous as the legendary "Onigashima" of Momotaro. Ishigaki "Oote" for windbreak / tide for the island creates a unique landscape, and the huge cave "big cave" where demons lived in the middle of the island opened a big mouth wide. "Basaltic columnar joint" that can be seen at the exit of a cave is designated as a natural monument of the country. It is reported that the name of the island "Megi" meaning "broken" in the dialect of Sanuki was attached because part of the fan fired by Nasu No Yoichi got in the battle of Genpei which is one of the most important war in Japanese history.

Megi Island (Onigashima cave), Kagawa

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