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Model Agency
Advance Inc. is a model agency that for over 40 years now, has nurtured and churned out many upper echelon talents for a wide range of work in everything from magazines, commercials, TV programs, dramas, movies, fashion shows, and festivals.
From young children to seniors, and both men and women, we have many models on our books. We can provide a selection of models to match any type of production needs.
If you’re looking for models, feel free to contact us for a consultation.


From Khabarovsk, Russia
SHOOT IN JAPAN Japan PR video “ The Land of Colors “ Main Actress

To date, she continues gaining experience booking jobs in TV commercials, still ads, and fashion shows, while also serving as a teacher giving guidance to models coming up behind her.
As a working model who speaks Japanese fluently, she’s a rare commodity, often playing the part of a foreigner who speaks Japanese, or traveling around the country and offering a foreign perspective as a reporter.

The amana group believes in placing people at the center of its commitment to visual expression.
contact : amana_en@amana.jp

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We, amanaimages inc. is a leading stock contents agency, located in Tokyo, JAPAN. As a part of amana inc., experts group of "Visual Communication Businesses," we offer variety of superb contents, including still images, footage clips, 3-D modeling, sound and font.

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Noboru Izumitani
Chairperson of
Japan Film Commission

Japan Film Commission (JFC) is a national film commission covering the entire country of Japan. With its main office in Tokyo, Japan Film Commission is a non-profit organization comprised of over 70 regional film commissions as well as various film and video industry guilds and organizations, such as the Directors Guild of Japan. It is supported and endorsed by ministries and agencies of the federal government, such as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and the Japan Tourism Agency.


Hiroyuki Kawazoe

Kawazoe started music production for commercials in 2006. As a student he dedicated himself to playing in a band and acting, while learning various methods of expression to appeal to people. He has a reputation for making music that is edgy, catchy, and interesting. He is known for giving very energetic direction that is able to get 120% out of the writers, instrumentalists and singers he works with. Because of his ability to add excitement and dynamic energy to music he is deeply trusted by creators. He loves combining music and humor. His special skill : Whistling


Akio Izutsu

Izutsu debuted in 1999 as Fab Cushion. He played all the instruments himself on the open reel tape creating a a kind of universal rock sound with an energetic groove employing various instruments including sitars and analog synths that could be enjoyed by listeners all over the world. His taste in music is very broad and he enjoys picking out that one song from his enormous collection that will make a certain listener happy. One of his specialties is making music that invokes smells or scenes and regardless of the genre, the music he makes sounds as fresh as if it were just made moments ago. No matter what the genre,be it alternative rock, oldies, hard rock, heavy metal, kayoukyoku, pop music, club music, psychedelic, noise, world music, classic, etc. he is able to find something in all of them and fuse them together into something completely new.

Nice Co.Ltd. is your guide to shooting in Hokkaido where the wild nature and the city life blend dramatically. We provide you everything you need in one stop including the shooting studios of different sizes, shooting instruments including drone, professional crews, and high-end editing room. We also stock such variety of videos of Hokkaido over 35 years that you can easily capture the image of location in motion pictures. We are happy to start helping with location hunting and give you the necessary supports that your shooting in Hokkaido would create the best results.

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Osamu Hasegawa
Director, D/P, Editor

Osamu Hasegawa is a Japanese filmmaker based in Tokyo. Although Hasegawa is well known for his time lapse photography, drone and Glidecam operating ability, he also has a variety of skillsets in production from start to finish. Within a project, Hasegawa can be director, DP, and editor, making him a uniquely independent creator.

Hasegawa’s projects appeal not only natively, but also have great rapport with audiences from overseas. He has experiences in many genres of video production including; product, hotel, sports, fashion and documentary.

Hasegawa is known for the passion he brings to the frame. A great majority of his works focus on combining the beauty of natural landscapes with historical and modern day elements. He also has great insight into the technological aspect of filmmaking, and has written articles for video production magazines released across Japan.

Wide Area Network Fifty five Inc.

If you find a good shooting spot in Japan, you can entrust the company Wide Area Network Fifty five Inc. for promotion.
The company Wide Area Network Fifty five Inc. is a one-stop agency which can produce all digital contents such as campaign website, corporate website, applications and systems. We aim for providing our customers with satisfactory content and strive to exceed their expectation.

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