Mysterious country of the Far East "JAPAN". What kind of country is it, what kind of history does it have, what kind of people live, ...We will represent various aspects of Japan that you can experience in Tokyo through music and video, which will host the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. We invite you to draw upon the wide ranging and unique visual contents possible only in Japan. We will support you all the way!


    “ TABI ARUKI ” = "Leisurely Stroll" As the central city of Japan, there are many places to see in Tokyo, from rich traditional sites to new state-of-the-art gadgets. If you head a little south to Yokohama, you will find Western style architecture and the exotic looking Shonan beach. If you head a little east you will find Chiba, surrounded by nature such as a ranches and a rice paddies, head west and you will be greeted by Mt. Fuji, less than two hours from Tokyo. Come try "TABI ARUKI" around TOKYO.


    “ TABI ARUKI ” = "Leisurely Stroll" Kansai is the area west of Tokyo, the center of which is Osaka, so let’s explore around Osaka. In Osaka, there are many interesting places like Osaka Castle, city symbol. If you head about 30 minutes west, there is a city with a much different atmosphere, Kobe. If you head east, you will come upon the ancient capital of Kyoto, known for its tradition and history, along with Nara. There is also Shiga area with Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, and Wakayama with its beautiful coastlines and special islands. Kansai is a wonderful place where you can see various facets of Japan in a small area. Come try "TABI ARUKI" around KANSAI.


    At the most northern tip of Japan lies Hokkaido. Here boasts some of the best nature in Japan. Come experience the dramatic and beautiful colors with the changes each season along with the colorful people living here.


    “ TABI ARUKI ” = "Leisurely Stroll" ... A roughly three-hour plane ride from Tokyo will take you to Okinawa, a place that while still a part Japan, is also home to its own unique history and culture.
    The southernmost prefecture in Japan, Okinawa is a tapestry of many islands, large and small, with clear blue oceans, refreshing tropical winds, and relaxed rhythm all its own. It’s a beautiful area that people from all over Japan dream of visiting.
    Come try “TABI ARUKI” around the beautiful islands of Okinawa.

  • SHOOT IN OKINAWA - Uruma Island -

    SHOOT IN OKINAWA - Uruma Island -
    “Uruma” is located about an hour drive from Naha airport in Okinawa. Uruma means “coral islands” and as the name suggests, islands are surrounded by the cobalt blue sea and it’s connected to the mainland by the Mid-Sea Road, which is known as the longest bridge in the Orient. It is a very unique city where preserves the wilderness area and an original culture.


    When you feel a refreshing wind on your face and realize how caught up you’ve been in hustle and bustle of everyday life, take some time to stop for a second.
    Before you know it, the world around you becomes a brilliant array of plants and flowers. It’s springtime, a season of relaxation and leisure.
    Spring in Japan features the beauty of Sakura which bloom for only a brief time. It’s the season where you can feel a new vitality sweep in with the changing winds. Since ancient times in Japan, there have been the customs of Sado, “the way of tea”, Kodo, “the way of incense”, and Kado, “the way of flowers”.
    Please experience and feel for yourself, spring in Japan.


    Spanning from the very south of Okinawa to the north of Hokkaido, there are over 6800 islands in Japan. And if you connect all the coastlines together, it would be over 35000km, which is almost 1 trip around the world. The latitude also differs by more than 25 degrees, so even in the same month the look and feel in north and south are quite different. Come see the beautiful coastlines of the Japanese islands, and the colorful people living there.


    The sound of insects and the cool winds, the turning leaves of the trees in the forests and mountains, the year’s most colorful landscapes—Autumn in Japan has an atmosphere all its own. Japanese people have a history of training themselves and nurturing the spirit through several paths, or “Ways”. There are the ways of the Japanese sword called Iaido, and Kendo, which is based on the samurai spirit. There are ways of training energy, or “Ki” through Aikido, and Kyudo, the Japanese art of archery, as well as Shodo, which cultivates the spirit through calligraphy. Our staff is also challenges themselves to improve. Visit Japan during the season where nature’s backdrops are at their most colorful.


    Clear air, and cold winds, snow floating down, and silence—a fantastic scene created by nature. Why not make this your white canvas for creating something of your own? In Japan's winter, you can see breathtaking scenery everywhere, a clear and pure season. Visit Japan's Yukiguni, or snowy regions, such as Hokkaido, where the great outdoors awaits.

  • NEWMorioka Sansa Odori Dance Team SEIRYU's 60th anniversary commemoration

    Morioka Sansa Odori Dance Team SEIRYU's 60th anniversary commemoration
    Morioka Sansa Odori is a popular summer festival held every year at the beginning of August. The main highlight is the large parade through the city which features the greatest number of drummers in the world. The dances originate from the unique Sansa Odori dances that are particular to each region. Classified as traditional Sansa, each region has passed down their distinctive dance from generation to generation. They continue to be carried on today in Morioka as a treasured tradition with the Morioka Sansa Odori, SEIRYU, one of the dance groups helping to preserve this tradition, recently celebrating its 60th anniversary. With a unique and long history, the Sansa Odori is a truly magnificent sight to see.


  • 001 Tokyo Ginza 4-Chome

    #001 TOKYO Ginza 4-Chome

  • 002 Tokyo Akihabara

    #002 TOKYO Akihabara

  • 003 Tokyo Akihabara Ebihara Shouten

    #003 TOKYO Akihabara Ebihara Shouten

  • 004 Tokyo Shibuya Scramble Crossing

    #004 TOKYO Shibuya Scramble Crossing

  • 005 Tokyo Shinjyuku In front of Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment Building

    #005 TOKYO Shinjyuku In front of Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment Building

  • 009 TokyoAsakusa Sensou-Ji Temple

    #009 TOKYO Asakusa Sensou-Ji Temple

  • tmb_010.png

    #010 TOKYO Tsukiji Tsukijiro

  • tmb_011.png

    #011 TOKYO Tsukuda Tatsumi Bridge

  • tmb_012.png

    #012 TOKYO Tsukiji Tsukijiro

  • tmb_014.png

    #014 TOKYO Tokyo Tower Pt.1

  • tmb_016.png

    #016 TOKYO In front of Tokyo Station

  • tmb_017.png

    #017 TOKYO Roppongi Hills Sky Deck

  • tmb_021.png

    #021 YOKOHAMA Osanbashi International Passenger Terminal

  • tmb_023.png

    #023 KANAGAWA Enoshima Electric Railway "Enoden"

  • tmb_024.png

    #024 SHONAN Fujisawa Cafe Bar “Enoshima 77”

  • tmb_026.png

    #026 CHIBA Oyama - Senmaida Rice Terrace

  • tmb_028.png

    #028 FUJI Mt.Fuji and Lake Motosu

  • tmb_029.png

    #029 KYOTO "Randen" Arashiyama Station

  • tmb_034.png

    #034 KYOTO Kiyomizu-Dera Temple

  • tmb_035.png

    #035 KYOTO Arashiyama Ebisuya Rickshaw

  • tmb_037.png

    #037 KYOTO Tohuku-ji Temple

  • tmb_038.png

    #038 KYOTO Nanzen-ji Temple Suirokaku Aqueduct

  • tmb_040.png

    #040 KYOTO Maiko-henshin Studio Shiki

  • tmb_045.png

    #045 SHIGA Biwako Terrace

  • tmb_047.png

    #047 KOBE Kobe Harborland

  • tmb_052.png

    #052 OSAKA In front of Osaka International Airport

  • tmb_054.png

    #054 OSAKA Osaka Castle Park

  • tmb_057.png

    #057 OSAKA Shinsekai

  • tmb_060.png

    #060 NARA Tanize Suspension Bridge

  • tmb_067.png

    #067 WAKAYAMA Tore Tore Village

  • tmb_068.png

    #068 WAKAYAMA Shirasaki Ocean Park

  • tmb_071.png

    #071 PREFECTURE PR Wakayama Film Commission

  • tmb_073.png

    #073 OKAYAMA Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter

  • tmb_076.png

    #076 POST PRODUCTION Video Editing Studio

  • tmb_077.png

    #077 PREFECTURE PR Hiroshima Film Commission

  • tmb_079.png

    #079 HIROSHIMA Itsukushima Shrine The Great Torii

  • tmb_080.png

    #080 SETOUCHI Setonaikai Sea Ferry

  • tmb_083.png

    #083 PERFECTURE PR Hyogo Film Commission

  • tmb_085.png

    #085 MATSUYAMA Dogo Onsen

  • tmb_089.png

    #089 POST PRODUCTION MA/Sound Design Studio

  • tmb_090.png

    #090 PERFECTURE PR Nagasaki Film Commission

  • tmb_091.png

    #091 EHIME Ishidatami Seiryuen, Uchiko

  • tmb_092.png

    #092 STUDIO Yokohama Super Factory

  • tmb_093.png

    #093 EHIME Shimonada Station, JR Shikoku

  • tmb_096.png

    #096 EHIME Kirosan Observation Park

  • tmb_097.png

    #097 HIROSHIMA Kosanji temple The Hill of Hope

  • tmb_100.png

    #100 HIROSHIMA Town of Onomichi

  • tmb_101.png

    #101 OKINAWA Okinawa Main Island Shuri Castle

  • tmb_109.png

    #109 OKINAWA Miyako Island Higashi hennazaki

  • tmb_110.png

    #110 OKINAWA Ishigaki Island Toya Farm Observation Deck SHINKOKYU

  • tmb_112.png

    #112 OKINAWA Ishigaki Island Ishigakijima Sunset Beach

  • tmb_115.png

    #115 OKINAWA Taketomi Island Water Buffalo Carriage