SHOOT IN JAPAN | Bilingual Production Services in Japan.


Dentsu Creative X is a production company and member of
the Dentsu Group under Dentsu Inc., the largest advertising
agency in Japan.
Our team of bilingual producers can help you with a
wide-range of production and production service needs in

The island nation of Japan is composed of an utterly unique array of mountains, forests, and coastlines, and is a place unlike any other.
Japan represents a harmonious balance between ancient traditions cultivated over Japan’s millennia-old history and a vibrant popular culture
fueled by a passion for embracing the new.

This site allows you to search from a wide range of stunning
locations in Japan,
from snowy mountains in Hokkaido to
the turquoise waters of Okinawa.
You can also research production costs, staff, equipment,
studios, post-production, stock footage, and other specific
information for your shooting needs.

So please take full advantage of the information offered
here to help create exciting new content.

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About Us

SAS is a group of globally-minded producers
from two companies, Denstu Creative X and Pict.
SAS stands for Sky, Air, and Sea.
“Connecting with the world” is the concept
behind our name.
It also stands for "Support and SHOOT IN JAPAN"
We believe in the possibilities and
opportunities that Japan can offer.
Beautiful scenery, culture, food and tradition.
Please come to experience,
to enjoy and to shoot in Japan.


With a multilingual staff,
we are prepared to offer help and guidance
in a multitude of languages.
We are here to provide you with rapid support for
a variety of tasks such as writing estimates
production costs and researching specific
information regarding Japan.


Please feel free to ask for help or guidance
as early as the planning phases of your project
regarding anything from unclear points about
Japan to help coming up with ideas.
We have a research team on-staff that can help
collect any information you might need for
shooting in Japan.